With 60 million players on every continent, golf is the world’s most popular individual sport. In France, there are some 400,000 members in 730 clubs. On a European scale, players aged between 20 and 40 currently account for just 20% of all golfers, but it is this “3.0 generation” that will be in the majority on the courses over the next 5 to 10 years. Born in the age of the Internet, this generation is connected and communicative, and will find it hard to accept not being so during their sporting activities. This observation should make us understand the importance of adopting adapted, connected and user-friendly equipment right now. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a sport so rooted in tradition to use this digital transition to send a clear signal of modernity to its members. With TIPI, clubs have a unique opportunity to assert their desire to create a controlled fusion between tradition and modernity..

Frédéric Genin


Jérémy Genin