Call for applications closed


Workspaces are allocated exclusively via a call for applications published in the Journal de Monaco

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • For non-existing business, currently proceeding to its registration

The Sole proprietorship must be operating in his own name, must be of age, a Monegasque citizen or a spouse of a Monegasque citizen.

Eligible legal forms are : Sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies (SARLs), unlimited partnerships (SNCs) and limited partnerships (SCS).

If the application is carried by a company, 60% of the share capital of the company must be owned by a Managing Director holding Monegasque citizenship or be a spouse of a Monegasque citizen.

Le requérant doit justifier d’une autorisation ministérielle ou d’un justificatif de dépôt de dossier fourni par la Direction du Développement Economique

Applicants must provide a Monaco business registration or a proof of business application issues by the Business Development Agency


  • For existing business:

When applying as a sole trader, the applicant must be a Monegasque national.

When the application is carried by a company (SARL, SNC or SCS), the applicant must be a Managing Director holding at least 60% of the share capital, and must be a Monegasque citizen.

To be eligible, the company must be 5 years old maximum.

N.B.: Real estate agencies are not eligible.

Potential applicants must provide a number of supporting documents, such as a duly completed, dated and signed application form, a projected 3-year business plan, a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae, any articles of association and amendments in the case of a company, an extract from the criminal record dated less than three months, an identity document and, for spouses of Monegasque nationals, a full copy of the marriage certificate dated less than 3 months. The above information is not exhaustive and will be detailed in the next call for applications